Our History

Vintage Day's Beverages sign

Vintage Day's beverages signsHow it began

It all began with a petty theft. Alfred DiGirolamo, known to his friends as “Freddy Day,” was caught stealing a case of soda off of a delivery truck on the streets of south Philadelphia. Unable to make a successful getaway, Freddy Day was caught by the truck driver and given an option: either be turned in to the police or work off his transgression by assisting the truck driver. Freddy chose the latter option and there is when he discovered his calling.

After working various jobs in the beverage industry, Freddy founded the Day’s Beverage Company in 1946 and successfully operated until his death in 1967. Soon after, the company was shuttered and the Day’s brand lay dormant for the next 30 years.

The Day’s brand was resurrected in 1997 by Freddy’s sons, David and Freddy Jr., and, now in its third generation of family ownership, has grown to become one of the largest independent private-label soft drink companies in the United States.

Perhaps crime does pay.

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